SAP HANA is a platform that encompasses a database, a platform for application and the data processing. It consists of an advanced database with data from the fields of predictive analytics, planning, processing textual and spatial (geo) data and business analytics, all within one frame of reference. This supports the operative processes and the analytics without any additional processing and data transfer from one system to another. The SAP HANA platform enables the development of solutions that deal with a large quantity of data in real time, without the need to build additional aggregated data structures for the need of analytics.


SAP HANA is right platform for your ERP systems and for your Business Warehouse systems.

Integrate All Types od Data

With a broad choice of data acquisition and virtualization techniques, you can access data in and outside of your organization, broadening your overall visibility.

Simplify Your IT Environment

Maintain your data secure and always accessible while simplifying your IT operations. With SAP HANA you benefit from intuitive, state-of-the art tools and technologies to effectively run a mission-critical, secure environment for your most valuable data assets.


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